Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Initial Ideas and Drawings!

I have recently moved down to Bath to study for my MA in Textiles and fashion design.

The first moduol was Research methodologies- an MA proposal and later today a presentation, yes I am extremly nervous!

I have begun to do some practical work inspired by the research I have gathered and the paper genious of Jen Stark, Rob Ryan and textiles works of Lizzie Finn.

My work is also inspired by my love of colour although I will be looking into trends and colour co-ordinates throughout my study to have some commercial work in my portfolio so...

This is what I have produced so far, some initial drawings inspired by a doodle I can't seem to stop drawing, nature, florals and animal prints. Also my own paper creations with a lil' bit of Jazzy Jeff thrown in there! circa early 90's Fresh Prince styley!

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