Tuesday, 6 July 2010

My New Designers!

This was my stand at New Designers which wouldn't have been up if it weren't for Micheal and his God given 6 ft 7" (I think!).
This piece of embroidery yook me months but i'm so pleased with it!

Here are some photos of our stand at New Designers! Look out for Claire Baker and the beautiful seahorse, 'Chancy'

New Designers and the end of college!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Designers was brilliant our stand (CCAD Hartlepool) did really well for contacts and I got some interest from Embroiderers Guild which is really exciting!!!
I have no idea what to do at the moment, college has finished and I am waiting for a reply from Dianne Harding who interveiwed me for work experience in India. I am waiting to hear back from my interveiw with Texprint. I can't handle the pressure!!!!!!!
Good news though! I have graduated with first class honours!!!!! I can not believe it!!!
I may look into doing an MA in print/embroidery...
The future is a scary place!