Sunday, 9 May 2010

Last day pure panic!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have soooo much stitching to do it's scary!
This is how much of a dinckuss I am. I tried to send Lindsey a message and I have managed to become a follower of my own blog!!!!!!!!
How will I ever get a job with such little and seemingly pathetic computer skills!!
Please help!

Friday, 7 May 2010

Just some more of Lindsey and a little embroidery!
All finished on Monday peace out!

My B E A utiful friend Linsey E Murray!!!!!!!!!

Look at that beautiful smile!!!!!!!!!
Lindsey E Murray here is modelling four of my fabric samples pinned to her vest top trying with every fibre not to fall off in front of our new best friend Paul from photography who offered up his photography skills and helped us out.
Love you Lindsey Murray thank you very much you make my work look good!
Thank you Paul!
Everyone is stressing out, the computers are slower than ever!!!!!!!!!
We hand in on Monday and I have so much to do I feel like I may pass out at any given moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!