Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Initial Ideas and Drawings!

I have recently moved down to Bath to study for my MA in Textiles and fashion design.

The first moduol was Research methodologies- an MA proposal and later today a presentation, yes I am extremly nervous!

I have begun to do some practical work inspired by the research I have gathered and the paper genious of Jen Stark, Rob Ryan and textiles works of Lizzie Finn.

My work is also inspired by my love of colour although I will be looking into trends and colour co-ordinates throughout my study to have some commercial work in my portfolio so...

This is what I have produced so far, some initial drawings inspired by a doodle I can't seem to stop drawing, nature, florals and animal prints. Also my own paper creations with a lil' bit of Jazzy Jeff thrown in there! circa early 90's Fresh Prince styley!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Carven- Spring 2012 Collection

I signed up to email updates with Print Source- www.printsourcenewyork.blogspot.com - and this is the latest emal they have just sent me, check out the colours on these bad boys!!!

This collection is beautiful- Chevrons everywhere!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

More Discoveries!

Through more research I have just discovered an amazing artist called Lizzie Finn, I'm probably extremly late to this party!!!

Lizzie experiments with the hand-made and technology. I love the cover she did for Moloko, a beautiful mash-up of hand-made pieces and technology! Lizzie created the stuffed animals by hand from old how-to magazines and then constructed them into a digital composition with brilliant results. Also whilst on Lizzies' website and looking at other websites relating to her work I found this really tripping video (see link) from a magazine called, 'I Want You Magazine'.


Also check out Lizzie Finn's website for amazing embroideries!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Ok so now I'm in Bath studying for my MA in textiles and fashion design...

I'm currently writing an essay and I have created a new blog to run along side it although it will be quite a short blog in respect to the essay- around 12 days ish long- but like an unwanted crimby prezzie it's the thought that counts!

I have become ever more interested in paper cutting and the incredible effects some artists have been able to acheive. Rob Ryan is my favourite! I have found this video on you tube however I'm struggling to put the video onto my blog. I'm going to attach the link of the video onto this blog to see what happens...