Sunday, 28 February 2010

These are more drawings from my final major project created with inks, foils, cut work and pencil crayons. I want the colours to be as vivid as possible and for them to translate well into print. I will create prints made up from the patterns of the exotic plants, snake skin and butterfly patterns.
I have almost finished my layouts and the next step will be starting to develope prints. Using colour and different dying techniques to create interesting backgrounds.

These are some of the drawings for my final major project. In all I have five drawings, they are very time consuming; I'd love to do more but I have to progress to the development stage. I have a sketchbook that I can do at at home when I'm not at college. The Consept for the project is based around vintage, exotic florals interspered with butterfly patterns and snake skin. It is also a clash of punk thrown in for good measure. There will be a clashing of colours and shapes that will be hand printed and then heavily hand embroidered. I really wanted to do a lot of hand embroidery for the last project however due to the set backs it was not possible. I have been really inspired by Alexander McQueen for this project and also very sad to hear that he took his own life recently. It is a shame to lose such an innovative designer in the fashion world.

These are some of the drawings I did for the minor project. These drawings also went to trade show in Paris and some of my final fashion fabrics gained interest.
I was really pleased with the outcome of my fabrics considering the set backs we had during printing.
This blog is a continuation of my previous blog 'Skittles OF the rainbow' of which I have forgotten the password and also the incorrect email address I used. I therefore have started again with this blog.