Saturday, 8 September 2012


Rosa, my friend from work kindly agreed to model my T-Shirt into the city centre today to gain women's feedback...

Very mixed reactions...

There didn't seem to be a corolation in age to the reactions and comments that were given. The general concensus was: very bright, don't like the sequins

Every other comment was very varied, some people really liked the bright colours others were indifferent and some really did not like the colours. Some people really liked the tye-dye other's didn't- the majority did not like the combination of all of the elements- perhaps there is too much going on in one T-Shirt. I think the next time I print onto T-Shirts or create samples I will consider the depth and brightness of colours as I am layering techniques and create softer backgrounds to build on.

The majority also likes the embroidery, however they really disliked the sequins- the two people who liked the sequins, interestingly enough were an interior designer and a second level junior architect.

I think this type of print with all of the elements would be more appropriate for a different crowd, perhaps Bristol or london (Camden). This work is therefore not high street commercial. Any comments?...

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